31ft Fish Van

"At the Reading show, just before Christmas, I purchased one of the six wheel fish vans (Diagram 49) which had just been released by Quainton Road Models in 7mm scale. There had been a delay in the release of this kit due to the proprietor insisting that the kit should be right in terms of quality of components before releasing it. Although I have yet to build mine I can say that it appears to be an excellent offering - crisp etchings, beautifully detailed castings and some of the best instructions seen so far which include colour photographs of the underframe of preserved MSL six wheelers. No excuses for getting your brake rodding wrong now!" -Review in the March 2011 issue of 'Forward', the Great Central Railway Society Journal.

29ft Passenger Brake Van

"I havedeliberately taken my time over this kit, in order to gain the best possible result from a superb product. It has given me great pleasure tobuild, and is definitely the best etched kit I have ever completed." - Customer email.

David Howes 2019