Metropolitan K Class 2-6-4T

Project Suspended(19 Dec 2013)

This project is no longer viable due to the costs needed to produce the low number of kits that have been subscribed. Sincere apologies to all modellers who have expressed an interest.

These images show the preliminary work on this potential kit. As per the original, the kit is based on existing 2-6-0 locomotive kit parts with an extension for the bunker and trailing bogie to make a 2-6-4T, this is a subscription only kitand will be produced if there is enough interest. Please use theContactform to indicate if you would like one or more. When there are sufficient ‘subscribers’ I will contact you with a price and may request a deposit. Although I am asking you to make a commitment, it will not be binding until after I accept a deposit. As I am having to buy-in many of the components - to avoid re-inventing the wheel - and will need to commit to minimum quantities, subscription is the only way to proceed with this project.

IMG 6659

Original 2-6-0 to the left, extended chassis with new cab and bunker space to right.

IMG 6660

Original 2-6-0 to the left, extended chassis and new cab and bunker space to right.

IMG 6663

Extended footplate.

IMG 6664

Here is the join, extending the original chassis under the bunker.

IMG 6665

Parts for cab rear and bunker. These have beem milled in nickel silver; the kit will have etched brass parts.

IMG 6666

A few of the fittings.

David Howes 2019