GCR 45ft 15t Bogie Fish Van D.50 & D.50A

These images are from the first test builds of this kit. MDF laser cut components form the body parts.

IMG 6483

Side overlays for version with slatted sides - D.50A

IMG 6485

Alternative ends - GCR & LNER

IMG 6484

Door detail

IMG 6481

End detail - some strapping to be added to both end and side.

IMG 6478

Side view - lower door runners partially completed, more strapping to go on

Underframe 130430

After two unsuccessful attempts to model the steel underframe with brass etchings I admitted defeat. It was just too difficult to fix them together in prototype fashion. So I decided to use MDF laser cut parts. Here is the 3D model, used to check things out.

Etched brass overlays are used to add detail as below.

IMG 7085M
IMG 7090M
IMG 7087M

Original louvred version - D.50

IMG 7089M
IMG 7094M
David Howes 2019